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Remembering yesterday

As the camera pans around the banks of a lake and captures all that echoes above and below its shore line, we reflect on all that is and was, all that could be or would not be. This gradual movement is captured from one point of reference, one moment in time, a place by the lake. Any place by the lake. The trees fade gently until they become the ghost of an image. The stillness of the water is punctured by a sudden happening. This rude awakening ripples out onto the calm surface, disturbing the reflections in the distance. Wild corn fields replace the waters of the lake. The corn blades dance to the gusts of wind, ruffling their ears. They listen to the memories resurfacing. The corn fields are reclaimed by the ocean water, the sea that comes up, wave by wave, to lap gently at our shores. The sea represents our collectivity, the lake our individuality.

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