Design Thinking workshop

Workshops for dayward

We started off the dayward interventions at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre with a Design Thinking workshop given by Dr. Ann Laenen. Nursing staff from the day ward, hospital management and artists attended. This was the first step in a long process where we hope to bring art and other design aspects into the ward. The aim of the session was to introduce Design Thinking and find ways of turning a particular space into a more welcoming one. The space identified is the Interview room which is the place in which patients receive any news pertaining to their condition.

The first exercise was to identify what is positive about the room, then point out all that can be problematic and finally reveal what needs to change. Obstacles to possible change are also identified. A mapping scenario was created showing all possibilities, opportunities or threats and all negatives outcomes. Then together we saw whether we should scrap the idea or ‘like’ it. This lead to us identifying some minor interventions to the interview room.

Following this we held another three workshop, this time attended just by the artists themselves. We looked at the room and the outcome of the Design Thinking workshop. The room in question presented two main problems; it has a very small size and no window present which leads to it feeling claustrophobic. So resources where focused on attenuating this problem and supporting the emotional and psychological processes happening within the space.

During the first of these workshops we outlined possible strategies and approaches. For the second workshop we went to Gnejna Bay and to another bay close by. The aim was to let nature speak to us and to immerse ourselves in it. We listened close and walked about, picking up fragments of plants and small pieces of rock to take back with us. Tim Lewis filmed our workshop.

During our next session together we looked at the images taken and discussed the different solutions and possible art works and interventions. The next workshop will focus on the creation of an artwork. The collaborative aspect is very strong in these workshops where the strengths of each of us come out as we interact. The important thing is that no one tries to dominate the group but that we wait for each other and let the process of our interactions inform us.

The artists who are volunteering in this project are Alex Pihet, Sara Pace, Javier Joseph Formosa and Chiara Monterosso.