With open hands © Pamela Baldacchino


I look within,

to my epicentre,

to that point of alignment where heaven meets earth,

where stars gather into an intimate constellation.

I imagine it pulsating with constancy,

alive, breathing,

burning with possibility.

I am a breath of fresh air,

a universe unfolding.

Strong yet fragile,

replete yet deplete.

A space uncontaminated,

purified with my pain,

saturated with my glory.

I am new flesh multiplying,

healthy tissue that grows and folds over,

An abundance that swells, infiltrating my microcosm,

sealing the fissures that penetrate my existence.

What if I reach out for you,

Cradle your hand in mine?

I will put your hands to my lips

and kiss your palms.

My warmth will ooze out into you,

resolve your weakness,

soften your pain.

Let me know your hurts,

let me know your fears,

let me know your suffering.

They are you,

intensely you.

Take me into your being.

Let my seeing eyes water,

my knowing lips curve.

When my truth meets yours,

our knowledge will ascend all boundaries,

our awareness, all divisions.

And together we can appreciate our bitter-sweet goodness.

© Pamela Baldacchino, 2015