Chinese ink painting workshop with Janet Jian Liu for Women Living with Breast Cancer

SIX Sensory Workshops

The series of workshops called SIX will be based on 6 sessions and held for a small group of 6 individuals receiving support within Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre. Participants will be chosen with the intent that they can relate well to each other’s cancer journey, finding refuge in their similar experiences and ‘feeling at home’ with others who understand them. The sessions will be 2 hours long and held monthly, supporting the participants up to their first follow up appointment 6 months later.

Dr. Benna Chase from the Psychology Department will be present at the workshop to take care of the participants’ psychological needs and to provide individual sessions with participants if needed. Marika Fleri will contribute with aromatherapy created for Deep Shelter Project. Abigail Camenzuli and Elysia-Elle Mercieca from Aurora Support Services will also be co-ordinating and participating in the workshops. These workshops will thus become part of the support services offered by Life Beyond Cancer. A lecture/meeting will be held with nursing staff so to orientate them with the scope of workshops. In this way, they too will know of this possible service and will be in a better position to refer patients.

The concept behind this support service is based on the use of our senses. The sessions will be of an exploratory nature where the stimulation of senses are used to trigger the patient’s need to share their story in a protected space. A notebook for journaling will be given for the client to keep track of their 6 month journey putting in any memories and feelings experienced. Tea and coffee will also be served.

Session 1:



Ground rules

Space to get to know each other

Aromatherapy by Marika Fleri

Journal/collage/audio-visuals/movement explained

Session 2:

Checking in

Aromatherapy set up

Audio-visual work shown (from DSP)

Journal use and story-telling/sharing

Session 3:

Checking in – journals revisited

Aromatherapy set up

Poetry reading/visuals accompanying


Session 4:

Checking in – journals revisited

Aromatherapy set up


Dialogue throughout

Session 5:

Checking in, review of art work

Aromatherapy set up


Expression of feelings through movement

Session 6:

Checking in – review of journals

Focus on tea/coffee/food ritual