Clipboard left on exhibition site

Exhibition feedback

DSP exhibition was a great experience! Curated by Dr. Raphael Vella, the opening night was very well attended. Pictures of the event can be accessed on facebook page

Some transcripts:

- Work is subtle, yet very challenging and inspiring. My heart beats!!

- I have been in hospital for several months and I would have enjoyed to have such resourcing artwork around me. Great project.

- Amazing works and message within.

- Thanks for reminding me about the important things in life, like the air we breathe and our connection with nature.

- Peace and tranquillity poured from all screens. The beautiful, spiritual music enhanced the feeling of relaxation and peace within and that all was well and will be well. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

- Joyous and peaceful experience.

- Truly unique exhibition if ever there was one.

- Well done, you have succeeded in passing your message.

- Fantastic mood! Love the video installations and the creative set-up of the projections. The plastic curtains truly set a chilling atmosphere, especially when you view the videos through them.

- The tranquillity of the videos can provide smooth passage, or stormy waters or both, each in isolation. Thank you for your efforts in an excellent presentation.

- Amazing transition to utopia!

- Nostalgia and reminiscence felt. Tranquillity ensued. Thanks

- Amazing words and message.

- Very lovely exhibition, aesthetically pleasing is an understatement.

- Peace, calm, tenderness…would love to feel the wind…

- Truly beautiful

- Very nice concept and implementation.

- Beautiful, contemplative and peaceful! We share the same visual world (Norwegian artist).