As a transdisciplinary artist with a gift for synthesis, Pamela Baldacchino seeks to bring together the knowledge and experience gained from her nursing and artistic practice. Having completed a Master in Fine Art (Digital Arts) program, she works within an integrative framework that seeks to fulfil a humanistic need. Art becomes an exploratory medium in her search to create empathic structures which serve to bridge distances and blur what lies in-between; in-between thoughts, feelings, words and flesh. It is a way of questioning the intangible and communicating the unspoken; a way of playing with possibilities that could open up new ways of being. This process, explored through research, text, painting, collage, installation, video and photography makes tangible her concern over such intimate spaces. The artist is presently engaged in Deep Shelter Project with the scope of developing an audio-visual language designed to support empathic dialogue within the hospital and clinical setting.

Academic Papers related to her transdisciplinary work:
Trespassing the Boundaries of Flesh: Exploring wounded embodiment through artistic practice (antae, Vol. 1, No. 3. (Dec., 2014), 145-165)

The Nurse is Present - A review exploring the temporality of illness through presence and narrative, an artist’s perspective (Malta Journal of Health Sciences, Vol.2, No.1. (2015),2-8).

Artist Statement

Art has a work-play relationship with me. It is my way of visiting spaces that serve to link my thoughts and emotions to those of others. This process is essentially a communicative one. It is embedded in my psyche thanks to my formative years in nursing and to the harvesting of motherhood. Bridging structures are my main concern; these are essentially those of support and constraint, empathy and nurture.

I am interested in the goings and comings, the ins and outs of life and the spaces in-between. I am concerned with unveiling connections, commonalities, possibilities and intricacies. I enjoy complex forms, the sensitivity of line, at times painfully drawn out. Balance, harmony and proportion give me peace of mind, put an uneasy nature to rest, at least I feel temporarily appeased. One gets the feeling of not quite knowing what it is that makes one tick, of a gentle foraging with one’s fingertips on warm, clammy skin for that elusive pulse, at times to be found beating regularly, at times in havoc.

An artist’s statement is essentially one of being, with the self and with others and how this achievement or non-achievement on the artist’s part is reflected and expressed in art. It could be a loving caress, a metaphoric implication or a frontal attack. Where do I stand in this respect? I would honestly say, I am in a process of discovery, of peeling layer after layer of self, of gently unloosening and exposing what is natural to hide and defend. I seek to bring to light whatever needs to be expressed. I understand that it is not just about me, not just about others but about ways of being, together.

I am a curious type of person and favour experimentation with new ideas, materials and techniques. Understanding is my main concern, both as an academic and as an artist who works with the concept of empathy. This is opening up a world of possibilities for me, including new ways of contextualising the self in order to facilitate art that has something to say in today’s contemporary society.