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Story of a voyage

One stands on a ship’s deck looking out to sea when a storm gathers on the horizon. Clouds darken, pushing their way forward as rain falls with abandonment, the wind whipping up waves as nature takes its course. The main rail’s solidity is present throughout the work because it provides one with support and a degree of protection from the elements. The horizon, the edge of our perception, becomes clear again once the storm subsides and night sets in.

The metaphor is used by the ill person as a tool of innovation and creation whereby they can construct a new understanding of the world in the immediate present. This helps them create a new perceptual structure that supports them when seeking to visualise new solutions to the challenges they face. This visual narrative works with two metaphors – that of journeying, as it captures the movement within a patient’s illness narrative and that of the natural world, since it shows the unyielding nature of the elements as related to illness.