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A different perspective

One stands encircled by trees, looking up and feeling small. The dark forest seems to close in. The trees gather momentum as they loom above, revealing their threatening nature. They symbolically represent all that one fears in illness. They, to an extent, become the oppressor and the self, the oppressed. Evoking Diderot’s secret horror of the forest, illness takes on a heavy, brutal and violent character. The trees being unyielding in nature, unlike blades of grass or forms of cloud, need to be tackled from a different perspective. By changing one’s position, the same trees are viewed from a different angle, allowing one to find an opening onto a clearing. As one moves out of the forest, one is greeted with a horizontal span of land and its crop. The field of view changes with a vertical soar, this time giving one the possibility of looking downward onto the same scenario. This presents a visual invitation to transcend one’s fears by changing one’s perspective.

A different perspective trailer