Artist Bio

Christian Calleja studied music and software development from a young age. The combination of being a musician and a software developer intrigued the deep interest for music production and everything behind it. Chris has been introduced into both worlds from a very young age, starting music tuition at the age of 7 while starting programming at the age of 14! The challenging task of converting a performance into a digital production has been an ultimate interest, claiming days of experimentation and study. His musical journey met numerous interesting experiences such as band gigs, orchestral concerts, recording sessions, both with local and foreign artists. Chris had also the opportunity of representing Malta in Eurovision Song Contest as backing vocalist with Kurt Calleja.

Bridging his aspirations and interests, Chris has been developing a home studio for the past 2 years, aiming to being able to capture musical ideas and enhance them, giving the possibility to produce a digital production which can be enjoyed by a listener at any time.