Artist Bio

Anna Runefelt graduated in photography from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK in 2004. She worked in London for six years as a free-lance photographer taking on various commercial ventures and independent artistic projects. Anna worked as first assistant and production manager with leading London-based photographers, such as Conyl Jay and Edward Reeves. She has experience in the diverse areas of stills production and printing, giving her a wide understanding of the industry.

Taking the big decision to move to Malta in 2011 after securing advertising commissions with Xaghra Palace and Fino, Anna integrated well with the local art and design community. This led to exhibitions such as ‘Under A Tilted Roof’ in the Malta Design Week and Camilleri Paris Mode, Rabat, ‘Pietra and Stone’ organised by SO Gallery and ‘Żifna’ at Palazzo Depiro, Mdina. She has been featured in Air Malta’s Inflight Magazine, Piazza Magazine and First Magazine. Presently she is working as a photographer producing visual media for interior design companies and architects.

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